Without your faith and commitment to yourself and your own journey, we wouldn't exist, as you continue to show up for yourselves and do the work, we are able to show up for each other more fully, at Origen, we imagine that's what this journey is all about.

Client Reviews

I saw purple shapes moving slowly in a field of red. Then I saw an ancient eye emerge from the center of the purple, and I knew it was benevolent, and realized it was me. And I gave myself this message: The infinite is all powerful, all present, all wise, all knowing. There is nothing to fear. I heard this message repeated over and over again until you signalled it was time to come back…

“My first session with Lee was very impressive I did not expect an altered state of mind that intense. I actually lost my self in indigo light for a very long period of time. Each time i visit I enter another layer that I can’t describe. The exchange at the end of the session proved that I am not the only one having this incredible magical and powerful moments. Lee is extremely extremely present in the entire process not only guiding us here and there.”

Often times we need someone to gently nudge and guide us back to ourselves, to our dreams and to our potential. I cannot recommend Lee enough as a guide to help you along your journey. ” Much love to you Lee!