About Us

We are an ecosystem of wealth and wellness creation and optimizing services, and solutions, with the goal to support 100 million people on their journey back to abundant health and energy, deeper connection and communication, therefore creating more prosperity, balance, true freedom and fulfillment on every level, in every area of life, collectively crossing the bridge to a new way, and world that works for everyone

About Us

Aspects of Origen; these are the values we hold dear



To positively impact the health, wealth, vitality, and freedom of 100 million men and women, with programs, services, solutions and community to rebalance the self, the mindset, generate more energy, more money, deeper connections, more balance, and ultimate freedom and fulfillment on every level, and in every area of life.



To co-create a vibrant, abundant, beautiful world of equality, oneness, vitality, freedom, and fulfillment with deep connection to ourselves, each other and the planet, one individual, one community and one eco-system at a time. It begins with you and ripples out as we remember and become examples for eachother. We call this and invite you to your journey back to the Origen.



Authenticity: the truest, most natural representation of an individual’s nature or beliefs, without filter, including sensitivity, and connected to the highest aspect of true self, beyond all illusion.
Leaving better then when found
Humility: remaining humble at all costs.to release the need to inflate oneself or ones abilities. Standing in truth of what is, and within ones own abilities

How We Impact Our World

The Law of love is foundational to other laws. Our Universe, nor our lives actually work without it.


Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love yourself unconditionally for better mental, emotional well-being. It helps in dealing with challenges and stress, making you resilient and positive. Accept your flaws, be kind & compassionate to yourself.


Do No Harm

“Do No Harm” is powerful. We must create a positive and safe environment for ourselves and each other. This means we do nothing to trespass against others. I own me, and my property, and you own you and yours. This is the golden rule. We can make a better world by doing no harm.



To grow and become our best, we must practice self-correction through self reflection. Through radical ownership of our own stuff, when we are triggered, what the lessons are, and through the perceived obstacles and difficulties in our lives, realizing that everything is happening for us as opportunities to learn, heal and expand. It takes courage, vulnerability, and radical honesty. The rewards are immeasurable. By approaching life and relationship in this way, we can become the best version of ourselves. Embrace self-correction, commit to growth, overcome obstacles, and reach your fullest potential.


Love Always Tells The Truth

Love means being honest, even when it’s hard. It’s about caring for the person you love, even if it means having tough conversations. Telling the truth in love leads to growth, healing, and deeper connections. In the end, love always tells the truth, and is not based on human perception. Truth is what is, beyond the lens of perception.


Love Always Seeks To Discover What Is True

Follow your heart and trust in God/Source to truly know the truth, and unlock doors with love. To do this, one must look beyond their own lens or imagination of the truth and requires deep vulnerable communication at time. Trust the journey, seek within, and believe in yourself. Let love guide and light the way. Ask yourself in every situation, what would love do?


Love Is Unconditional

Love knows no boundary, heals wounds, bridges differences, and reminds us of the value of every person. Let’s spread unconditional love to create a better world.


Love Remains Detached

Love endures through adversity, lifting us up and guiding us. Practicing detachment is an opportunity to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the power of love and trust that what is happening is always happening for our highest good, even when we can’t see it. Detachment is the way for what is of the highest good to flow into your life, beyond what the mind can conceive in the moment. We can embrace detachment and draw strength from within, trusting in the power of love, recognizing that everything is a blessing.


Love Between Two People Allows Everything

Love is powerful. When two people are in love, anything is possible. It teaches us to give and accept. Let the love between you and your loved one inspire you to live intentionally and pursue your dreams. Embrace the power of love for a brighter future. When/if relationships, situations, become toxic and one moves into self sacrifice, you can distance yourself and love from afar.

The Higher Laws

When you are ready to embrace and operate from the higher laws, they will deepen your journey and ability to create the life you desire & deserve

1. Everything is Mentalism

Everything is mental, the universe is mental, we create our reality with our thoughts. When you realize that everything is connected as a unity… What is good for everyone, is good for you, and what is not good for everyone, is not good for you.


2. Principle of Correspondence

As above, so below. As below, so above. The Universe is Holographic; and is self-similar across all scales. The whole is contained within the parts and vice versa. You are in the Universe, and the Universe is in you. Are you aware of the thoughts that you have in your mind?  If you do not have the life you desire, it’s because your thoughts are not aligned with what you desire. The way that you think and feel in the inside is what comes into your life on the outside.

3. Principle of Vibration

The Universe vibrates at different rates. Nothing truly touches; it’s all a symphony of vibrations from particles to cosmic phenomena. Attune yourself to this rhythm for readiness to express true potential. Set and express your boundaries for sovereignty and move into true freedom. Embrace the Universe’s vibrational flow to achieve great things and trust in your energy and infinite possibilities.


4.Principle of Polarity

Everything is dual, has poles, its pair of opposites. Identical in nature, but different in degrees. hot/cold, yin/yang, night/day, etc. All paradoxes may be reconciled. We are each feminine and masculine in energy. We have two hemispheres, the right is connected to our left side, our feelings and is more passive. The left is connected to our right side, the logical and is more active. As we see inside-out the feminine energy guides us to imagine, to experience with more sensitivity and more connected to our feelings, and surroundings, while the masculine is the conscious intellect, the common sense, so we must begin taking action with feeling. We are used to going to the extremes, when we find something new that we like, we can go overboard, and even into addiction, instead, try to find balance and equilibrium in everything that we do or like, to have a life of Harmony.

5. Principle of Rhythm

Like the waves on the ocean, the rise and the fall of the tides, sometimes it crashes, and sometimes it’s calm, like the tides of life.  Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you, let go of the resistance. The resistance is the crash, and when you dance with the flow of life, your waters within are calm. As human beings, we are in constant change and transformation. We need to get out of our comfort zone, take on new challenges and opportunities to move forward.


6.Principle of Cause And Effect

Every Cause has an Effect. Every Effect has its Cause. Everything is attached to a result, everything that you think, feel, and do moves energy that causes an effect [the life you create], Focus on your thoughts and you move that energy. Your beliefs are the cause of the effect that you have in your life.

7. Generative or Genesis Principle

CARE; what we care about enough on a day-to-day basis, to put our Will behind is ultimately what gets created in our world, therefore We must change our reality through our Actions. Rediscover and remember that which you are most passionate about, tend to the flame with care, until it is a raging fire, add your will and take action to create and alter your reality. Be the change you wish to see.


Laws of Co-creation

How can we co-create without losing ourselves? These are the key laws of / for co-creation.


Recognizes no separateness, which ignores the appearance and seemingness of separateness in the apparent divisions of polarities, gender, cause and effects, the part and the whole, the one and the many; but realizing these each as integrated parts of the total picture. Acknowledge such division, but stresses the oneness of the parts.


All parts or partners are in a relationship, though some are close and some remote. Their driving forces must be derived from a common, or compatible, source of energy, and any new innovations, arrangements or activities of any part of partner that changes the general relationship, or any part of partner of that relationship must be noted, acknowledged and discussed, and agreements must be made to allow, disallow or rearrange the relationship to accommodate that change.


Collaboration is powerful! Two people can do the work of four, three people can do the work of nine, and four people can do the work of sixteen. When 144 people work together, they can change the world. Join forces with others to unlock your full potential and make a difference in the world.


Physical change comes about through the change of consciousness. Consciousness changes in response to anticipation. Anticipation results from imagery and preparation, fears and desires, based on fallacies or facts. Preparation for change, changes consciousness, which results in physical change.. The quality and quantity of description and imagery, the intensity and consistency of attitudes and actions, the collective or disruptive energies of others, all work together to influence the direction and course of the change.


This Awareness indicates that The Law Of Happiness as that Law which states that it is not who you are, what you do, or what you have that determines happiness, but how you feel about who you are, what you do, and what you have.

Partner Journey


Join our Global network of Coaches and Explore their work.

Our Ecosystem

We aim to collaborate with you and feature you, your media, talks, programs, videos, podcasts, retreats, and coaching. Together we will take collective action, weave our magic to co-create and collaborate using different structures and containers, to change the narrative and change the lives of 100 million wo/men.


Weaving Together

Let’s build a thriving eco-system together. We imagine you likely have your own. In the spirit of Oneness, harmony, abundance,  and co-creation, we invite you to weave with us. We want what’s best for every wo/man, if your service is a better fit for them, we want them to find you! Join us on this inspiring journey towards a better future where everyone will flourish.


Let’s move toward freedom together, with regular masterminds, study of wealth creation, content and community creation, and how we can truly bring togetherness to our missions, ecosystems, and communities, so that we all rise with ease, grace and speed.



As we continue to engage each other, we imagine new collaborations, ideas, content and businesses will emerge in which we can continuously create the bridges for each other, our communities and eventually billions of wo/men to cross and cross-pollinate.

Lee Davy

Breathing Coach

Lee Davy

Lee Davy is a playful, highly intelligent, dedicated, disciplined, expansively energized, seeker of morality, truth, connection. love and freedom at the highest levels. He does his best to live life according to these values and ethics, and always tries to do right by and for others, while forging a trail for those in need, where once there was no path. Origen and the Freedom Method are tokens of his intentions. Ever engaged in the art of self improvement, Lee is a whole systems thinker and problem solver, a nobleman of honour and truth, longing and striving for equality, abundance and healing for all people and the planet. A kind, gentle Soul, pure of heart with overflowing love for all wo/mankind, Lee’s strength of character is etched out of his willingness to first evolve himself and then to support others in their journey. He is a ferocious protector of virtues, the Divine feminine, and for those not able to take care of or speak up for themselves. Lee strives to know absolute truth, is not willing to shy away from the ‘tough questions’, or the ‘shadows’. A true seeker, with a willingness to go through hell and back if it means ‘knowing thyself’. The quest to ‘know’, ‘understand’ and ‘connect all’ gives Lee an openness and willingness to learn and glean new perspectives in order to walk forward in absolute truth, integrity, honesty, acceptance and faith, always striving to honour his Spirit and that of his Spiritual journey while honing and walking that of the physical realm. Lee takes it very personally and deliberately, as his responsibility, along with his desire for the betterment of wo/mankind and in doing so, shares, Origen Network, Legacy media, 5D Breathwork, Sacred Self Coaching, and the Freedom Method.

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