5D Breathwork DeepDive

A Powerful Breathwork & Self Awareness Program for Mind & Body to bring your Self Mastery & Life to New Heights


Is One Of The Fastest Growing Wellness Trends


Global wellness became a $4.75 trillion industry at the end of 2019. Breathwork was the fastest growing. 

I’ve seen people heal: PTSD, back issues, asthma and so much more.
I was skeptical too. Until I did my first journey over 8 years ago. That’s all it took. I was hooked. Instantly. 

During my own personal expansion journey over the last 30 years, whenever I find a tool, or more accurately a piece of my puzzle, I do my best to become the embodiment of that tool;

Since then, I have helped 1000 people and offered online, in-person, private, and group sessions in more than 9 countries;

First-time students often have a look of awe and astonishment on their faces 
For those who say they can’t meditate, Breathwork is also a catalyst to take you faster and deeper into your practice.
Why do you think I call it the 5D method? Because you will even reach psychedelic states of consciousness – it is the most psychedelic breath work on the market, where you can move beyond the veil of your current beliefs, habits, and patterns to remember you are so much more.
It’s definitely time to get high on your own supply, nothing outside of the self, no drugs, or other tools necessary.

Think about it…

When you play with and vary the breath, you gain control over the autonomic nervous system. When you do that, you can shut off your stress response, quiet your mind, improve your mood, focus, and bring peace to your mind, lower your heart rate, increase stamina, while improving your sleep, and so much more…

it will impact every aspect of your life including whether you respond or react (the former you remain in control), and how you express yourself in formerly stressful situations.

If your personality, creates your personal reality, and your personality is made up of your emotional state, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and breathing allows you to alter and override old, outdated, and unserving patterns and programs, it means you can literally change and positively impact every aspect of your life!


I’ve been searching, seeking, and studying with masters from around the world for over 30 years, and breath work is one of my favorite tools, absolutely one of the most powerful, and of course it is the one medicine we truly cannot go without. We can go without food, even water for days, but breath literally is life; When you experience the profound healing benefits and chemistry shifts, the relaxation of the conscious mind, and when you connect fully to that unified field, your life will never be the same. You will unlock something within that is truly extraordinary, and will assist you to let go of the old patterns, emotions, trauma, and programs to remember once again that you are infinite and powerful.

I’ve come out of sessions in tears, had moments of extreme clarity, been in full body shivers, realizing my connection to all things, felt an expansion of love and euphoria that words can’t describe and felt the disappearance of my physical form truly entering the realm of infinite consciousness – the quantum field. Many of my clients have experienced similar benefits and had jaw-dropping experiences… 

Our Breathwork Deep Dive Program Includes


Week #1: Introduction, Theory, & Practice

Understanding: Jam packed with setting container as we move into the story of programs and beliefs, the firing and wiring of the brain, the different brainwave patterns, continuing to dive deeply into the biology of the cells, abdominal locks and the importance of movement, understanding the vegus nerve, the physiology of the breath, reflection of key areas of mastery, including emotions, thoughts, being present, our deepest fears.

Experience: Practice of the breathing variations, and how to liberate stored energy from within the cells, along with a deepened understanding of the chakra centers, the torus, and much more.


Week #2: Letting Go

Understanding: part 1; The Laws of the Soul, deepening into movement, emotions versus feelings and how to heal the past, shifting your perspective on energy,
part 2; Crossing the bridge, understanding neuroplasticity and coherence, how to create new neural pathways, the importance and understanding of the amygdala, pineal, and pituitary glands, and the chemistry upgrades

Experience: part 1; The journey of letting go, practice of mantras, silence, and how to activate the 12 Universal energy centers with sounds and tonal activation, breathwork session and little one meditation.

part 2; Light body activation, breathwork session, and meditation, sitting in silence to create presence and stillness, shifting your perspective on what reality is and discussion around oneness and activating your highest self (god self, source self, I am)


Week #3: Light Body, Nothing to Everything

Understanding: part 1; Light body activation and what this means, how it feels and changes your physical experience. Deepened understanding of emotional triggers

part 2; Science, and mathematics of the Unified Field, specifics of nose breathing and chemical change within the physiology. Understanding the concept of the Ego,

part 3: Bonus; The Freedom Method introduction, qi gung and breath introduction.

Experience: part 1; Creating more present moment awareness and , presence breathwork, and meditation

part 2; Unification breathwork and meditation, return to everything.


Expansion Work

The work continues each week with 3 in depth workbooks when you go home and well beyond the program. It’s an ever evolving journey in which you can continue to deepen and play at deeper layers and levels. When our time together end, that’s when the real journey and the fun begins!

How It Works

The Breathwork Deep Dive

The Breathwork deep dive is a 3-week group coaching program that moves participants through masters level biology, physiology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and unification physics, combined with a deep experiential practice of a variety of breathing techniques, known as 5D breathwork, complete with the mechanics of abdominal activations, movements and a variety of meditations to cultivate a deeper level of personal awareness and understanding that, of course, leads to greater self-mastery. 

Each week is curated and comes with an expansion workbook for study that the participant will take home to deepen their practice and learn self-mastery in a variety of areas, so long as they stay committed.

The breath is a tool that supports the mind and body in healing and health. 


We Open

The container and journey together, by setting intentions and sharing the story of how we become programmed at such a younng age and how those programs take root in our minds and bodies.


Activation Awareness

With deep discussions, profound questions, and diving into layers of new understanding and awareness of how the brain and body, the neurology and physiology, our emotions and feelings, triggers, reactions, responses work within us. We can then take that new understanding to allow for a deeper experience for us.


Alignment Experience

Now that we have a deeper understanding in our minds, we can feel at peace to dive into a deeper experience within our own bodies. This cycle can feed upon itself. We can fire and wire neurology for the brain and dive into deeper experiences within the body, which leads to greater coherence, health, vitality, and energy.



With the new level of heightened awareness that we’ve gained from step 1-3, we are now able to move into taking responsibility for all of our own thoughts, feelings and actions. This the key practice in staying present and moving out into the world as an example and a beacon of what’s possible. This takes discipline nd tons of practice. We begin to move beyond the course at this point.



As we’ve shared throughout there are layers and levels to these games and practices. As soon as you master a new layer and level, you are tested with another layer and level. Keep deepening, keep showingup for yourself, and keep playing.



Working with Lee during the 5D Teacher training was exactly what I needed to breakthrough to the next level of my life! I learned some amazing new skills and powerful tools to assist me personally and with my clients, and this training was a huge catalyst to get me realigned with my life purpose! It literally cleared my path and myself from energies, situations and people that were no longer in alignment with my highest good, making room for the new, inviting me to step up into the new phase of my evolution, giving me the power and confidence to be the master of my life, and finally, the level of heart/mind coherence I have reached due to this training has elevated my manifestation power exponentially! I also feel that my coaching skills and spiritual gifts have been upgraded, which gives me the confidence to offer my services with complete trust that my clients will also receive exponential healing. This training is simple to follow, easy enough to complete even if you have other responsibilities, and efficient. Totally recommended!

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