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We invite you on this transformative journey of optimal health, true freedom, fulfillment and life in harmony with the Earth & each other

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We're Taking Action for the Change

At Origen we are going where there is no path and leaving a trail, while cultivating bridges for us to cross together that challenge and inspire us to optimize our health, expand our consciousness, find our purpose and the greatness within. We are committed to seeking the ultimate truth and freedom. We invite you to move forward with courage, and enthusiasm, to emerge with a new found appreciation of ourselves and our place in the world. Join us for this life-changing and transformative journey together!


Foundational Aspects

How It Works

The Steps to the Freedom Method

The Freedom Method helps you take control of your life by changing your mindset and taking daily action. You can break free from limiting beliefs and celebrate successes along the journey towards the life you want. Commit to small steps and believe in yourself to achieve the freedom you desire.


Be Open

To the idea of new perspectives and possibilities, to the idea that we truly can create a new identity, a new personality and a new personal reality for ourselves


Activate And Optimize

Activating the mind, body, and spirit through disciplined practice helps you become a better version of yourself in all aspects of life. The practice includes meditation, yoga, breathwork, eating right, detoxifying, praying, and more. As you continue to show up for yourself day in and day out, these practices become less about what you are doing, and more about who you are and how you show up more fully in every area of your life.


Align And Operate

Once we’ve practiced an optimal amount we move into embodiment. This is where we operate from the new version, the new identity that we opened up to in step 1. Our mental, emotional and physical bodies are all communicating and speaking the same language.


Radical Self Responsability

With the new level of heightened awareness that we’ve gained from step 1-3, we are now able to move into taking full responsibility for all of our own thoughts, feelings and actions. As we do this, we become able to express our boundaries, ask for clarifications and clarify our communications with each other. And we can begin to lovingly reflect back to each other and hold each other accountable for our shadows.


The Higher Laws

These laws provide all creation with a framework of mathematical, scientific, emotional certainty. These laws are happening in our lives at a subtle energy level, always and when we tune into them and operate from them each day, we literally become the creators of our reality. To learn more about these laws go to our About Us page.

This is where we share the story and journey of so many of us that have ventured
into living a new life, one on our own terms with continued expansion of our
health, and connection, living into the lives we dream, instead of the ones we are told to live.

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