Self Mastery

Discover important peak performance methods to Raise Your Vibration, Improve Your Health, Increase Your Abundance, Come into Balance, & Align with ALL You Desire

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90 minutes of experiential, powerful practices, to activate a higher level of feeling, ignite your new levels of energy, relieve stress and bring coherence to your mind (Breathwork, meditations & tonal activations)

Learn the basics of mastering your mind and stepping into your role as the creator of your life to uplift your emotional state

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Is This You?

Do you wake up exhausted or dreading your day to come, feeling as though you are going through the motions of your life, but not really living? 

Do you feel emotional ups and downs, or worse, deal with anxiety and fear on a regular or daily basis?

Do you struggle with confusion, brain fog, or other types of mental health concerns or issues?

Have you adopted the idea that ‘good enough, is good enough’ and have given up the idea of wanting and deserving more from life?

Do you feel drained and tired, regardless of how much sleep you get?

Become Superhuman Master Class Includes


Practical Tools

We are all fundamentally the same, sure the situation and circumstances of our lives are different, but we all have struggles, we have all felt unworthy, defeated, tired, stressed and overwhelmed at times
Live 90-minute download


5D breathworkTechnique

New 5D breathwork technique to feel more peace in your mind, life in your form, and love in your heartA Guided Meditation to restore your nervous system and connect to your superhero self


Connection to an Incredible community

Connection to an incredible community of like-minds and hearts
BONUS 15 minute Q&A, to ask anything you desire to  deepen your understanding


Free self Mastery Work book

Free Self Mastery Work Book
A Sneak Peak at the Freedom Method
Other Bonuses and Gifts Just for Showing up!
All for FREE and yes, a replay will be available if you can’t join us live! 

How It Works

Become Superhuman

In the Become Superhuman Masterclass, we move through and informative, experiential journey together to give you insights into the world of self mastery and the many facets that lie within.


We Open

I’ll share with you the science of change, something called neuro-pruning, literally how to transform yourself from the inside out, change your brainwaves patterns, neurology and physiology.


Activation Awareness

The importance of movement and how it actually support you in untangling and liberating the old stored energy and memories within your cells.


Alignment Experience

A movement session to demonstrate how this actually feels.
How you can differentiate and maximize your thoughts, emotions, health, breath, mindset, meditation and more.


Identify Reality

The difference between the newtonian and quantum model of reality and how you can move from victim to victor, from bystander to conscious creator of your life.


Deepen to Breathwork

The importance of breath work, and the neurophysiological response behind it
A deep, transformative breath work experience that will blow your mind.

I Feel You, I’ve Been Here, Trust Me!

Know that you deserve to feel reinvigorated, rejuvenated, re-energized, and inspired to love your days and your life once more!

You can experience more joy, creativity and playfulness in your relationships, at work, and within each day

You can feel more connection, love and peace of mind in each moment, cultivating more presence and creating more health,  and abundance on all levels!

For years I have been putting together my own puzzle, I have sought out every practice and wisdom keeper on the planet for more than 3 decades

I went from being afraid of judgement, always anxious, filled with doubt, feeling alone, hypnotized by old un-serving habits, trying to please others, feeling stuck and unfulfilled…

To feeling grounded and calm in every situation, feeling at home, fully engaged in the present moment, connected, free, living passionately, and supporting others to live the same 

Yes..I went deep…

I had to engage in the sacred-self journey…

And learn to Art And Science of Self Mastery…

For decades, I studied and learned from leaders, shaman, and various tribes, keepers of the Origen, plant medicines, sciences, mystery schools, and masters of meditation, movement, healing, breathwork, energy work, and more.

I became a strength coach, owned my own gym, studied and trained in martial arts, was certified in nutrition, learned about supplementation, nootropics, detoxification and hormones.

All amazing steps in my journey, but it wasn’t enough! 


I delved into the medicine world and over 50 Ayahuasca ceremonies, other medicines, such as mushrooms, lsd, and 5meo dmt, then deep into the quantum world attending mystery schools such as Training In Power and MTVO,  learned breathwork and Qi Gung, to truly innerstand the source of energy, and the truth about the Unified Field.For over 3 decades, I’ve been learning to overcome and master myself mind-body-spirit and it continues to this day, still learning to pause when I find myself triggered, in my emotions and cut off from my feelings

I learned how to master my mind and choose what to think about and where to place my focus.

I learned how to master my body and what to feed it and how to move and repair it.

I learned how to master my energy, and increase it, feeling like a 29 year old instead of a 47 year old

I can boost my vitality and health and raise my emotional and energetic state without anything outside of myself (no food, sex, drugs, or anything else).

I learned all of this, but it took me 30 years…so that you don’t have to take nearly that long, I want to share it with you!

I have created 5D Breathwork method and facilitate breath work to people from all over the world, have a 6 month Sacred-Self program based on the Freedom Method, am part owner of a world of new land community Heartland 2.0, in Costa Rica, have given talks and hosted retreats and workshops all over the world.

I have been sharing my work for nearly a decade all over the world & online.

I have participated in and have created world-class events in Canada, the U.S, Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, and Mexico

reaching tens of thousands of people around the world.

And I’m ready to show you how to Master Yourself!

Join me for 90 minutes of mind expanding, body optimizing, energy elevating guidance!


Austin Outing

“Often times we need someone to gently nudge and guide us back to ourselves, to our dreams and to our potential. I cannot recommend Lee enough as a guide to help you along your journey. ” Much love to you Lee!

Sheila Wright

“This class is amazing, Amazing, Amazing! After one class my whole life changed and sent me on a trajectory that I cannot even begin to describe!”

Anastasia Soutos

Lee fuses together a powerful blend of wellness wisdom from his journey of self-discovery, including holistic, energy and healing arts along with a sincere and genuine interest to help you heal and connect to your highest self. He empowered me to bring clarity to what I truly wanted for myself and develop a plan with tools to get there. His authentic, organic approach, patience and thoughtful inquiry, led me to dive deep to grasp and get clear on what was my mission, identify what was holding me back and took me forward to help me grow from the inside out. Lee is a true coach and friend.
With all my heart, Thank you Lee.