Remembering Who You Really Are

For those that aren’t quite there (ready to dive into ‘Spirit’) yet, simply think of this as the difference between leading with your mind, or leading with your heart.

If it’s a thought in your mind, first, chances are it’s a program, your intellect is trying to lead. Think of it as the ‘human’ portion of you.

Conversely, if it’s coming from the heart, that essentially is your Spirit trying to get your attention.

The heart has a larger magnetic frequency than the brain. Did you know that? If you are analyzing, criticizing, measuring, or if it’s fear based, it is coming from your mind, your intellect.

If you get emotional about it, it’s coming from your heart. If it’s the first intuition you have, that’s heart – Spirit. You all know the times, we have that first intuition and then, our mind gets in the way and we go back and forth analyzing, trying to ‘figure it out’, when, if we’d just gone with our first intuition, things would have went so much smoother, been so much easier.

That’s the difference.

1. Begin deciphering the difference between mind and heart. Between the human part of you and the Spiritual part of you. The human you, the perceived persona of you will try to lead, it’s not suppose to. It’s suppose to keep you safe. Your Spirit is suppose to lead. It always has been. We just need to quiet the mind enough to hear the Spirit – our hearts once again.

Enjoy this one. It’s getting you back in touch with your essence. The part of you that you were when you came into this world, before you ever ‘learned’ that you were someone, something else.