Next Phase Nutrition

Join the Eating Made Easy Program in the members section to take you through the next 9 weeks of your nutrition plan.

Here you will learn:

– How to find the right type, amount and time for YOUR specific carbohydrates

– When to modify your nutrition based on whether you are training or not.

– Supplementation for max benefit

– How to spot reduce using science and supplements

– How to choose the best eating plan for you

– Various eating plans to choose from/combine so you get what works best for YOU

– How to improve your mood and energy

– Balancing other hormone levels

and much more


When you register for Eating Made Easy, you will receive nearly 200 pages of nutrition content from my nutrition book. I’ve broken down into bite sized booklets for you. You’ll receive all booklets (6 in total) as my bonus gift to you.

Booklets include;

1. Eat Smart; The not-so-rocket science of no longer being overweight

2. Farting, Sharting & Bloating; nobody likes a pig-pen – tips for eating right

3. Hold the Fat, Extra Muscle Please; all the keys you need to slim down and increase lean muscle

4. Leaky Gut and Overall Health

5. Saving Lives; Organic/Alkalinity

6. Supplementing to Sexy; laymen’s guide to supplementing right