Flow Downstream


How do you flow downstream? Abraham – through Ester Hicks says’ wherever you are in this moment right now, your job is to get into the stream and flow. Flow downstream toward better thinking thoughts and better feeling, feelings.

As you do, you’ll begin catching yourself sooner and sooner. You’ll realize when you’ve had a negative thought and do what Tony Robbins calls a “Pattern Interrupt”.

Again, you are creating a new habit. You are teaching yourself, that every time you have a negative or limiting thought pass your mind, you automatically correct it, or reach for a better feeling thought.

Abraham says it takes only 15 seconds of doing this before a gear shift is switched in your mind.

Can you imagine how different your days will be if you begin each and every one with a positive mindset and creative visualization toward your dreams?

1. Keep a small notebook with you at all times. Commit to writing down the times when you have a negative thought. Perform a pattern interrupt – smile, hop on one fit, do something out of what you’d normally do, write the negative thought down and immediately reach for the better feeling thought.

2. Do this for at least two weeks or until you feel it is beginning to be automatic.

3. Take note of how your days are shifting

4. Take note of any positive changes or manifestations you are noticing.