Fake It Until You Make It

The age ‘ol adage “fake it until you make it” is absolutely real and alive.

This is the process, the transition from listening to your Spirit (getting information), combined with choosing what you are focusing on or thought, combined feeling.

Again, there are subtle differences between the three.

You came here to co-create your reality. The transition and utilization of the three facets of Self, above is the same as when water changes structure from ice, to water to steam or vapour, then to air. The energy remains the same, it’s how the energy is perceived that is changed.

At the end of the day, this is all about awareness. The more aware of your thoughts you become, the more you choose to visualize what you want and focus on it, the more you you’re able to discern what is coming from you head (or patterned response) versus coming from your heart, the more quickly you can realize every single time you have a limiting or not-so-positive belief and catch yourself immediately, you move more into alignment with your Higher Self. Your connected heart – your Spirit Self.

It takes time. As always, be gentle, yet firm. Build the new habits in with a disciplined approach to discovering the real you.

And of Course…..HAVE FUN 🙂