Bridge to the Real You

Celebrate others victories & Catch yourself when being overly critical – of Yourself & Others.

When we become critical of others, do you realize that you are actually, in a way criticizing yourself?

Wishing ill will or abundance upon someone else begets those same things unto ourselves.

We have been taught that we are separate from each other, that what happens to someone on the other side of the planet “doesn’t really impact me.”

This narrow minded perspective, well, is just that. Narrow minded. Nothing can be further from the truth. It’s been proven scientifically that everything is energy. It’s been proven that we are all one.

In Lecture 46, I have included a Unified Physics video from Nassim Haramein that proves mathematically that we are all one. That we all come from the same ‘stuff’ and that we are simply perceiving the Universe through our own lens, our own perspective and feeding that information back to the entirety.

This is why it appears the Universe is expanding.

This is yet another exercise in mindfulness.

1. Look for ways to celebrate others victories, as if they were your own.

2. Look for ways to leave everyone with the feeling of gratitude for having crossed your path.

Be it a smile, paying it forward with a cup of coffee for someone next in line, providing your undivided attention to someone your speaking with, going that extra mile at work, in a group setting or for your spouse/family, whatever it is you can think of, try to leave everyone who comes in contact with you better for having seen you.